Letter from Chair of Governors

 On 30th Jan I received a letter from Anna Davison (Chair) Which said:
“I was disappointed to hear of your recent resignation and to read your letter explaining the reasons for this, especially given Ann’s considerable efforts to reassure you both verbally and in writing about the concerns you had expressed.
However, your claims in the letter about values and principles he caused offence to me as my role as Chair and the entire board. Whilst (sic) you are perfectly entitled to hold an individual opinion about the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Norfolk and Waveney, in my view your personal attack is both unwarranted and unreasonable.”
This is a complete misreading of the reason for my resignation. First of all I had no negative opinion of the Norfolk and Waveney STP – care and treatment closer to a person’s home and prevention  rather than crisis management in health has been a primary concern of mine since starting in social work in 1968; and I told Anna this at  length when we first met.
More importantly my resignation was purely because of the JPUH’s deliberate exclusion of patients and public from meetings and discussions about STP. It is an incontrovertible FACT that this is at odds with the JPUH’s loudly stated ‘values and Principles.’
I replied to Anna in detail:

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