My Resignation Letter

Ann Filby,
Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs,
James Paget University Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust Gorleston.
15th January, 2018.

Dear Ann.

Resignation as JPUH Governor

After giving the matter a great deal of thought and further research with NHS Improvement and UNISON, I am now clear that I can no longer collude with excluding patients, trust members and the general public from discussions and debates about StrategicTransitional Partnerships and one of it’s serious consequences ‘Accountable Care Organisations.’1

To make this issue clearer, I will quote my own trade union, UNISON:

“There is further concern about the lack of transparency so far with the development of STPs. As non-statutory bodies, STP footprints must not be allowed to bypass proper consultation with staff, service users and the public. NHS England has itself belatedly produced guidance on engaging local people in the development of STPs, which highlights that proper consultation and engagement are an essential part of making the plans work.

For such far-reaching plans to work they must have buy-in from patients and the local community. UNISON is calling for meaningful public engagement around STPs at the earliest possible stage, including full and accessible publication of the plans.

STPs have the potential to cause much uncertainty and disruption for those that work in the NHS. UNISON is calling for proper staff and trade union engagement in the development of the plans, along with reassurances from the government around security of employment and pay, terms and conditions.”

I am also of the opinion there is a serious anomaly with respect to the JPUH stated values (which led me to decide to try for governorship in the first place) a main one of which is: “Doing everything openly and honestly.” And further to this, working “openly” and “transparently” with adherence to Nolan Principles of Public Life and having a “duty of candour.”

Holding STP discussions in private – not allowing public and patients admission to those discussions – is patently a solid breach of the above JPUH values, and a breach of the NHS Constitution. It is also a breach of my own long-held personal values and I have concluded I can no longer collude with this duplicity.

Please accept my immediate resignation.

Yours faithfully. Mike Llywelyn Cox.

1 Information from NHS Improvement.

Croeso Bob Un

I think that’s right! Trying to be clever see! I am Welsh (from Llandudno but now exiled in Norfolk) but I’m ashamed to say I don’t speak my own language properly. The title in English says Welcome Everyone and I always sign off letters and reports etc with Heddwch (Peace) – seems to me it’s more meaningful than yours truly, sincerely or faithfully.